Coldstore Urk

Coldstore Urk is a flourishing company with multiple cold storage warehouses in 3 locations. Our core business is cold storage of fish and fish related products. Coldstore Urk is situated in Urk, the Netherlands, right in the heart of the Dutch fishing industry. Together with our partners, we are an important link in the distribution chain of fish throughout the whole of Europe.

We can offer you a wide range of possibilities, for instance rapid and meticulous loading and unloading of containers (bulk or on pallets), order picking on package level, inventory overviews per email in a format that can be filtered and a customs bonded warehouse.

Our spearheads are: Service, Quality and Reliability. Our cold storage facilities are build with the highest quality standards in mind to maintain the quality level of your product at its maximum. Hygiene naturally is considered to be of paramount importance in our deep-freeze facilities and we have EG accreditation.

We understand that parting with your product stock is a major decision that is not taken lightly – Coldstore Urk has gained the trust of many companies, in particular exporters, importers and manufacturers in the fish sector. With us, your stock is in safe hands.

As your logistic partner, we always try to meet your requirements and we treat your products with the highest quality care. Our work method is a distinctive characteristic of our company. Our objective is to take a concern off your hands, so that you have the time to focus on your core activities.